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Tire experts and marketing geniuses have come across an odd variation between customers. It has been a common mistake by many people especially foreign consumers that may have misinterpreted the spelling of tires. The term tyres has come about many times in search engines and many marketing analysts are wondering what is causing this search to be so consistent.


Many computer analysts have come to the conclusion that a majority of foreign people new to America has spelled tire wrong mainly because they are pronouncing it wrong. The way tires are said especially in Spanish is spelled tyres.

This has sparked a huge search result, also known as a citation, in Google’s database. Shops owners around the nation are missing the niche and many have not realized that this misinterpretation of the simply spelling of tires could be costing them. If there SEO and website managers could simply add this term tyres into their key tag words, then their sales and profits could drastically raise within months. Many of theses users who are searching for tyres have been frequent buyers of Michelin Tires.


Frequent shop owners, especially used ones, have understood that a majority of their customers are foreign and that Spanish is one of the most common types of customers they have. It is key for a shop owner to either knows Spanish or one of their employees should know Spanish. If one were to calculate the amount of times the spelling of tires was done every month, then they would know that adding this category online would help them in the long term. Although it is spelled wrong, it must be taken into reminder that it can benefit shop owners throughout the nation. America’s new way of grabbing a customer’s attention is through an online database, and this database whether it is Google, Yahoo or Bing it must have accurate categories to add to their search results. Cheap Mud Tires can be found at Mike’s Tire.

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