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Gently Used Tires

Mike’s tires in Lewisville Texas has taken an initiative to acquire the highest quality used tires. Mike’s tires offer the best deals in used car tires in Lewisville, Texas.

People opt to buy used car tires due to a number of reasons but the most common is the price. New car tires are expensive and can go up to 100$-200$ depending on the brand and size. Gently used tires are way cheaper and can go to as little as 30$ at Mike’s tire shop.

Why shop for used car tires at Mike’s shop?

Mike’s tire shop offers the best deals in used car tires in Lewisville, Texas. Some of the deals include


Mike’s tires offer the best deals which are pocket friendly. Their deals have an almost 30% off from other car tire dealers.

State Inspection

Mike’s tire offers quick vehicle state inspections.


Mike’s Tire offers a 30 day road hazard warranty on all gently used tires. Customer must provide valid reciept. Warranty does not cover tread wear. See store for details.

Wide Selection

Huge selection of gently used tires available in many sizes. Inventory updated weekly!


Easy to use financing! No Credit Needed!

  • Side walls are checked for gashes, holes and cuts. 
  • Tire beads have to be checked to see if they are in good condition.
  • Tread inspection. 
  • Inside the tires. The tires are looked at in the inside to check for nails, pins, glasses and any other unwanted sharp objects.
  • Size of your vehicle. The size of the tire must match that of the car regardless of the price it is going for.
  • Type, brand and quality. 
  • They are known to be 2-3 times cheaper than brand new tires.
  • If you only need to replace 1-2 tires, it’s sometimes better to get a similar tread depth rather than getting a new tire.

Mike’s Tire ensures you get the best tire deals with the upmost safety! Call or stop by today to guarantee the best tire deals in Lewisville, Texas.

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