Lewisville, Tx

Terms of Road Hazard Protection

This coverage must only be redeemed at Mike’s Tire in Lewisville. Coverage applies to passenger cars and light trucks excluding all commercial vehicles i.e. 18-wheelers, track racing, off-street, delivery services, and paid transportation vehicles. The road hazard protection plan will not cover tires that have been: run-on-flat, vandalized, accident-related, fire, have previous flat repair materials in tire including any flat repair liquids that have not been repaired by Mike’s Tire in Lewisville. The road hazard protection does not cover early tread wear such as tires not being inflated properly, worn-out brakes or shocks, a car being out of alignment, tires out of balance, or any other misuses of tires.

This coverage plan does not offer roadside assistance in the case a tire gets damaged while driving. The road hazard protection plan will only cover tires purchased from Mike’s Tire in Lewisville; receipt from the date of purchase must be present. The protection plan will expire in three years from the date of purchase and is only valid if the tire has at least 3/32nd tread across the entire tread. Tires that are below 3/32nd tread depth are not valid for any coverage. Mike’s Tire will not cover any damages to wheel or cars. Tires wheel be attempted to be fixed first before the tire is replaced. Mike’s Tire will only repair tires that are deemed safe for driving.

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