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To all the drivers who are looking for quality tires from your favorite brands (and at great rates) then give us a call at Mike’s Tire as we offer the best deals on new tires in the Lewisville, Texas-area. It’s that simple, we have the best tire deals you can find in DFW we offer the top name brands of tires as well. Mike’s Tire is the place to go if you are in the market to buy new tires as we will treat you like family with our excellent customer service. Investing in quality tires can save you money and are much less likely to leave you disappointed finding yourself on the side of the road at midnight. Call Today (972) 956-0433 for a FREE quote!

Gently Used Tires

When To Buy New Tires

It is important to know when your tires need to be changed. The only way to be sure is through close observation. Here are certain warning signs to look out for when you need to buy new tires are;

  1. The penny method where you insert a penny in between the treads to measure the depth. You can be sure that your tires are fine if the president’s head is covered by the tread. Look to see if the president’s head is visible, this means your tires are torn and hence need changing.
  2. People always overlook the fact that tires have an expiry date. They need to be replaced with new due to age.
  3. Consider changing the tires on your daily car every six years or have them checked by a professional.
  4. Simple visual inspection of the wear bars the factory has placed in the middle of the tire tread can help determine if you need a new set of tires. The bars, which run perpendicular to the tread, are barely visible when tires are new. That changes as you pack on the miles, the wear bars become more visible and level to the treads it’s time to visit Mike’s Tire.


What To Consider When Buying New Tires


The common mistake most drivers make is going to the market to buy tires while you don’t even know what size fits. Just like when buying a shoe you choose the perfect size the same applies to tires. Mike’s Tires offers the best deals on new tires in Lewisville, Texas and the will fit the tires to your car to ensure uniformity to the original tires.


Mike’s Tire offer a variety of brands for consumers to pick their best choice. The brands available are; Yokohama, Michelin, Continental, BFGoodrich, GoodYear and Bridgestone. Most brands offer relatively same quality of tires but some prove better than others. Mike’s Tires has the best deals on new tires and there are brands to choose from right here in Lewisville, Texas.


When purchasing new tires it is not wise to just pick the cheapest as cheap costs more. This doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank getting new tires. Today tires are not cheap the solution is to drive down to Mike’s Tire as they have the best deals on new tires in Lewisville, Texas. Don’t spend more than your budget and get exactly what you are looking for.


The quality of the tires mean everything to a driver as some cheap poor quality tires will get you stuck on the road. The quality of the tire increases your safety, the safety of others in the car with you and also that of other drivers as well. At Mike’s Tire brands available are of great quality and a consumer is guarantee their moneys’ worth.

Driver’s Needs

Buying new tires requires you to know what you need. If you want a quiet ride, handling of the snow, or ultimate grip. Where you live and the weather dictates the kind of tire you should buy. You can’t predict how a tire will perform by simply looking at it so much for the tire rating and reviews. After making a decision visit Mike’s Tires to buy new tires in Lewisville, Texas where you will get the best deals.

Tire Type

The types of tires range from all season, performance all season, Ultra high performance, winter tires and all season truck tires. The details on the tire side specify the type of car to fit the tire, speed of the tire and the maximum weight load a tire can withstand. All the available tire types in the market have their pros and cons but the decision to get the best tire depends on the driver’s preference. The good news that Mike’s Tire offers the best deals on new tires in Lewisville, Texas.


Acquiring durable tires is an added advantage as you don’t have to keep buying and fixing tires every now and then. Instead a great brand will give you good service worth every penny you spend. How long the tire lasts depends on how many miles the car covers on a daily basis and the kind of terrain the tire is exposed to. Treating new tires with some conditioner every once in a while will add service to the tire. With this in mind get durable tires at Mike’s Tire as they have the best deals on new tires in Lewisville, Texas.

Consider the Wheels

There’s more than appearance to consider when you buy wheels, however. Check the manufacturer’s original so that you can match size as closely as possible to the specifications. Don’t go for bigger wheels, even though they might look great on your car. The tires and wheels should sit comfortably and function well on the car.

Caution after the purchase break in your new tires carefully. The release agent applied during the manufacturing of the car can leave a residue on the treads. Hence, tires will have a loose grip while still new until the residue gets off with time. Wet conditions may fasten the wearing off process as water mixes with and gets rid of the residue. Apply longer breaking distances just to be safe. Allow your tires to cover about 500 miles before you get hard on them when cornering.

Mike’s Tire puts the needs of their consumers first and guarantees them the best deals on new tires. The customer service is on point and they will guide you to making the right decisions if you are not decided yet. This store is located in Lewisville, Texas but is open to everyone willing to make a purchase. Always remember that tires are the most important part of a car as good tires for your car can save your life.

Tires today can be very expensive! HOWEVER at Mike’s Tire our team of experts can provide you with the best tire deals in your area. If you are in the market for new tires then look no further! Mike’s Tire offers you with the industry’s top leading brands with the upmost customer service! Never be stuck on the road again! Mike’s Tire GUARANTEES a safe and comfortable ride for you and your family.


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