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Many customers these days have problems when it comes to towing. Either they cannot find the right tow truck that can haul their vehicle or the prices are just way too expensive. Towing Lewisville has been searched many times in several different search engines, and it seems that the instant result is a big company that wants to overcharge you.

Here at Mike\’s Tire, we offer flat bed towing at a low rate. We don\’t want to hassle our customers with outrageous prices and have to force them to take our service while they are extremely angry. We want to be able to help our customers and build a relationship that will last forever. Whether it be for the customer\’s family or friend, here at Mike\’s Tire we are always willing to lend a hand whether the tow be from a home or even from a wrecking yard.

Towing Lewisville a search result has led us to believe that many people in this area are in need of a tow. One conclusion has been because of all the local small car dealers around that run into daily problems with certain cars. Because Mike\’s Tire deals with tires and automotive work, we have made sure to add such an important feature to our business. That feature is towing, and with towing comes with great customer satisfaction. The fact that one shop can do both service and towing means that there is dedication and hard work in the company.

Ou vision for over fifteen years has been to always take care of the customer in any way possible. We believe the first step in taking care of the customer is to be honest. Honesty is the number one thing that will reel customers back into your company. It is never about how much profit can be made of one sale, or how much less labor an employee has to do. The reason Mike\’s Tire is still here today is because we give 100& every time and also provide towing lewisville tx.

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