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The main concern from a consumer’s perspective when it comes to tires is the price. If the price is not right, then the sale is never made. This also comes into play with customer service, tire maintenance,  cleanliness of the shop and especially of the quality of your product. “It’s always seen as cheap or not useful when shopping for used anything these days” says John a resident of Dallas County. The only problem the John’s statement is that he has not done his proper research in finding the right tire prices.


The biggest stores you see in your area or neighborhood are there for a reason and only one reason. It is to make money and keep the customer satisfied. Now you are probably wondering how they can maintain such nice stores with many employees and top of the line equipment. Well the answer lies in the wholesale prices these companies get. The more you buy gives you a better purchase prices of their items.


Tier pricing means the more you buy, the deeper the discounts. That’s all well and good, but when you have a dealer meeting with the big tire manufacturers, they always tell us “you smaller dealers are the backbone of the industry.” Many people have believed that these bigger companies are getting better advantages of smaller shops because of how much money investors have put into their shop. Tire prices are seen as very competitive and it is natural to receive many phone calls a day from people who are just shopping around. They do not necessarily seem interested in your shop or what you have to offer. They just want the best prices on used tires for sale and to do that you have to have a competitive edge over others. Used tires are believed to be a key in this industry.

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