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Many people still have asked questions about what kind of tires they need for they cars or trucks. In a poll asked from one hundred people regarding the meaning of light truck tires, it was found that only 25% of people actually knew what LT tires meant. Many people have mistaken these tires for off-road tires, or knobby tires. The basic concept of LT tires is that these tires are made to hold more weight and carrying capacity. This is very prominent for trucks and cargo vans that are used for work.


Local tire shop owners have agreed that light truck tires are a commonly searched topic on Google many because they are so expensive brand-new. Major retailers around the nation have stated that the average amount of light truck tires sold through their shops is much less than regular tires. A study from students from The University of Texas at Austin has shown that auto mechanic and tire shop owners are always trying to find LT tires and especially used ones.


Commercial inspection station, S&S, was asked what is the majority of tires seen in their bays, and they answered that most of these trucks are LT tires. A new trend in the tire shop business is having a tire size chart explaining what the numbers on a tire actually mean. “It has given our customers insight on what they are buying before they actually make the purchase” says Mike from Mike’s Tire in Lewisville.


The rate at which people change their tires is very high in Dallas and having the right information at your shop is key. The more informed you keep your customer, the more sales you will make in the future. It’s never about that one sale you make; it’s always about the recurring sales you make. The business aspect of used tires is always about recurring customers, and it’s very important that your customer service is on point to bring customers back into your shop.  Mike’s Tire has the best tire deals in the area.  Come find out for yourself.

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