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From experience and notably research done throughout the United States of America; tire shops owners have drastically seen a demand in used tires for sale. They have come to the decision that new tires are not the only way to make a very good profit. Many tire shop owners have first-hand witnessed customers complain and have been actually angry finding out that brand new tires has way out of their budget. Many consumers have called it “not fair” or “unbelievable” how much new tires will actually cost them.


When it comes time to buying tires, the most important thing first for many people is the cost. They do not look at the quality of the tread or a manufacturer’s reviews before buying these kinds of tires. Now days and especially beginning in 1999, used tires for sale has been a hit throughout many neighborhoods especially in Lewisville and Dallas. It can be completely understandable why people buy new tires. The only problem with this is that these consumers have not fully done their research to see what available options there are. Dallas, Texas for example is a city where the economy is always growing and the demand relatively stays the same for many products. The reason the demand stays the same is because the supply is always there.


Big companies such as discount tires have realized that added the nice of used tires for sale that their profits have drastically increased. Mike from Mike’s Tire in Lewisville was asked about the demand for used tire and he has claimed that new tires are always in demand, but it doesn’t even compare to how many people ask about used tires. The phone calls he receives everyday are always for used tires and that new tires are also asked about, but at a much more lower frequency.

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