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Tire Maintenance Tips in the Heat of Summer

On a punishingly hot summer day on the tracks, surface temperatures can easily get to 150-degrees. As the rubber meets the road, so does it meet the extraordinary heat. Hot weather causes a drastic heat build-up and weakens car tires, leading to wear and tear and suspension imbalances that could

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How Much Texas State Inspection is a Common Question

The new changes to the process of getting your vehicle registration has left many customers confused as to what comes first and why. The process at around three years ago was quite difficult and tough for many shops around Dallas, Denton, Collin county and more. The first step had to

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State Inspection Texas Two Step Program

There have been several questions customers have asked me regarding what the new procedures are for the Texas two step vehicle state inspection program. It is quite simple and the changes the state has made has actually benefited local shops that provide these services. The old system was comprised of

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Wheel Repair Benefits and Why You Should Fix Your Wheel

When it comes to curb rash, bends or even breaks in a wheel, it is always important to remember that a wheel can usually be fixed. The fact of the matter is that wheels these days have become very expensive. Manufacturers have decided that steel wheels are a thing of

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Tire Discounters

Everyone these days have wanted to save money without having to through so much. It’s reasonable to understand that an average income is limited in many aspects and been subjected to irrational decisions. The benefits on saving money can help families survive in this devastating economy. I have seen so

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Tire Size Chart

A common question that people ask is how to read their tire sizes. The majority of people don’t understand what all these numbers mean. The great thing is about the tire size chart is that it’s actually quite simple to read the size. A common way the tire setup is

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