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When it comes to curb rash, bends or even breaks in a wheel, it is always important to remember that a wheel can usually be fixed. The fact of the matter is that wheels these days have become very expensive. Manufacturers have decided that steel wheels are a thing of the past. The most common type of wheel found today is going to be an alloy wheel, also known as aluminum. These kinds of wheels have been around for a while, but have become more prominent in the last decade. The wheel repair shops and best tire shop nowadays have specialized in fixing alloy wheels only. A common misconception about a bent wheel is that it can never be fixed. Dealerships have been known to charge over two hundred dollars just for a single wheel, and that doesn’t include installation!

wheel repair

What kinds of wheel damage are there?

The main kind of wheel repair that is asked among consumers is due from curb rash. The percentage of wheels that have curb rash due from parking near curbs is immensely greater that wheels that are cracked from hitting pot holes. Some consumers do not even bother fixing a wheel if the only damage is curb rash while having on cheap tires. Consumers know that curb rash will not affect their driving and is merely cosmetic. On the other hand, a cracked wheel is not something to just take care of later. Whenever there is a crack in a wheel, the air will slowly seep out causing tire deflation. Many tires that leak air from small leaks end up tearing the bead and then must be replaced with another tire. Now we all know tires are expensive and no body wants to purchase a new tire just because we delayed fixing a wheel.

As a tire and wheel expert here at Mike’s Tire, I have come across many customers that ask, “why does my car shake at high speeds?” The first thing I always do is check to see if there are any bends in the wheel. The reason is that a bend in the wheel will not properly let the tire ride smoothly on the surface. As the tire rotates faster, the wheel severely hinders that cars performance because a bend will make a car “jump.” Remember folks, it’s always smarter to fix a wheel then fix a huge accident.


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