Gently Used Tires Starting at Only $30-$60 Per Tire!

Throughout the years buying used tires was not a matter of discussion and not thought to be possible or safe due to the lack of trust from the buyers and unavailability of used tire shops. However due to the growing demand and the depleting economy, people are being forced to buy used car tires. Mike’s tires in Lewisville Texas has taken an initiative to acquire used tires, inspect them and sell them off to willing buyers. Mike’s tires offer the best deals in used car tires in Lewisville Texas.

People opt to buy used car tires due to a number of reasons but the most common is the price. New car tires are expensive and can go up to 100$-200$ depending on the brand and size. Used tires are way cheaper and can go to as little as 30$ at Mike’s tire shop.

Why shop for used car tires at Mike’s shop?

Used car tire shops have become many in the past couple of years so the big question is, why shop here? Why shop at Mike’s used car tire shop? Mike’s tire shop offers the best deals in used car tires in Lewisville, Texas. Some of the deals include


Mike’s tires offer the best deals which are pocket friendly. Their deals have an almost 30% off from other car tire dealers.

State Inspection

Mike’s tires offer a state inspection on the client’s car and tires as part of the package. This is the definitely the best deal possible in Lewisville, Texas.


Mike’s used car tires offer the best deal in Lewisville, Texas and definitely America. Here a warranty in used car tires is offered to the buyer. This is eve unheard of in the history of car tire business. The warranty offers include a 40000 mile warranty and a 30 day warranty on the used car tire. Simply incredible.

Wide Selection

Mike’s used car `tires are of different brands which are accepted by the state hence offer a wide variety for the clients and guaranteed to give the customer the satisfaction to choose what they want and not just simply from what is there.


Sometimes the tire might be out of our budget. This might be common to student who on normal occasions do not have direct access to a lot of cash. Mike’s tires offer a solution to this by offering a three months interest free financing plan. This gives the client time to pay for the tire while still using it. If this is not the best deal in Lewisville, Texas then I do not know what is.

  • DOT code. The DOT code is a four digit code on the side of each legitimate tire. It shows the date of manufacture of the tire. The first two digits show the week and the last two show the year of manufacture of the tire. The DOT code should not date more than 5 years back in your purchase to avoid any impending danger because in as much as we are trying to save a bit of cash, we would not want to impose any danger to anyone.
  • The side walls. The side walls are checked for gashes, holes and cuts. The damages on the walls should be as minimal as possible or none. Damaged walls would expose the inner tube making it susceptible to tire burst and can easily cause accidents.
  • The tire beads have to be checked to see if they are in fairly good conditions.
  • Tread inspection. Thread inspection is one of the basic car tires inspections. One needs to roll the tire round to check the depth of the threads. The various measurements are used: 4/32” or deeper means the tire treads are in good condition, 3/32” means that the tire needs to be replaced soon and 2/32” means that the tire are very risky to be in use and need replacing immediately.
  • Inside the tires. The tires are looked at in the inside to check for nails, pins, glasses and any other unwanted sharp objects.
  • Size of your vehicle. The size of the tire must match that of the car regardless of the price it is going for.
  • Type, brand and quality. The brand really matters in purchase of any commodity and tires, used or new, are no exception. Firestone and Michelin are among the common brands used by many.

  • This is the most common contributing factor to buying a used car tire. They are known to be three times as cheap as new tires of the same brand and quality. Although Mike’s tires offer the best deals in Lewisville, Texas, the prices of the two cannot be matched.
  • For car balance in case of replacement of one tire. In case of a tire burst due to a nail or whatever material, a used tire would be best since the rest of the three wheels of the car, as in the case of a vehicle with four wheels, would have used almost half tread of their wheels. Buying a new tire would throw the car off balance slightly since the new tire would be at full tread while the rest three would be at half tread. This would mostly affect fully automatic balance and the vehicle ill constantly indicate uneven tire balance and detecting the problem would be tricky because the first suspicion would be deflate the tire bit which in reality would not solve the imbalance.

When it comes to used car tires, buyers are usually on the losing end of the deal since most of them have no clue on what to look for in tires which could be dangerous and potentially life threatening to them since the tires are used to move vehicles. Mike’s used car tire shops ensure the buyer gets the best and safety is guaranteed. Shopping for tires has been made much easier and safer by Mike’s tire shops. So make a stop at Mike’s used car tires and you are guaranteed the best deal in Lewisville, Texas.


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