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If you are anything like most newbie vehicle owners, the idea of using cheap used tires for sale is the least exciting. We cannot argue with the fact that new tires offer unbeatable traction, durability, and great value. But that notwithstanding, a good set of cheap used tires will work at the convenience of your budget. However, landing yourself good quality second-hand tires can be an uphill task, without proper guidance. Here are a few tips that you will find helpful in the process of purchasing second-hand tires.

  1. Age

Needless to say, the age of your tires plays a significant role in their overall performance. The older the tires, the less effective they are. You will find, at the bottom of the sidewall, an indication of the date of manufacture. This is usually a four digit number, where the first two digits indicate the week of production, while the last two show the year.

If the tire is more than six years old, do not even think twice about it. Old tires are a safety hazard as they have minimal traction, and are prone to drying and cracking.

  1. Tread depth

The tread depth is a measure of how far the tread goes into the tire. The minimum legal requirements of tread depth indicate that it should be at least 2/32 of an inch, failure to which you might face jail time. New tires offer a tread depth of between 10-11/32 of an inch. A used tire cannot maintain that depth over time, and should, therefore, be at least 6/32 of an inch.

To test for tread depth, insert a penny inside the tread grooves. If the tread covers all or part of the head on the coin (say Lincoln), then you have at least 2/32. If this is not the case, then you should avoid those tires.

  1. Sidewall

Check the sidewall of the used tire for cracks and dents. Such discrepancies might happen when the oil in the rubber dries out, or even if the tire was used when flat. Such a tire is an obvious safety hazard that you should not give a second thought.

Also, check for cracks and wear in the treads. You practically do not expect your tire to be free of wear. However, the wear should be even such that no surface is smoother than the other.

  1. Existing Repairs

It may be impractical to want a used tire that is entirely free of repair. However, a tire with more indications of repair has served its purpose over time and will, therefore, be ineffective.

The type of repair also counts. Check the tire hollow to see whether the renovations are complete with a plug or patch. Stay away from tires with visible plugs. The tire patch is a more effective repair that keeps the tire in excellent condition.

  1. Price

Tires are typically a very costly investment. However, cheap used tires for sale should not lie within the same price range at used tires. You should keep in mind that cheaper tires are probably more beaten than the more expensive ones.

If you are looking for a short-term solution for your tire fixtures, then you should consider cheap used tires for sale. Be extra vigilant as you buy these tires to avoid being duped.  For assured quality, visit Mike’s Tires in Lewisville, Texas for a wide variety of used tires at very pocket-friendly prices.

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