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A common question that people ask is how to read their tire sizes. The majority of people don’t understand what all these numbers mean. The great thing is about the tire size chart is that it’s actually quite simple to read the size. A common way the tire setup is read as so, P205-55/R16. The first three numbers tell you the width of the tire in millimeters (mm). The second number is a height to width ratio, meaning that 55% of the 205mm will be the height in millimeters. The last part of this is the diameter of the wheel. In this situation, it a 16-inch wheel.

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There are several customers I receive a day that asks me what will the numbers be if I want to go wider. What if I want to make my truck look bigger? How will off terrain tires look on my car in this certain season? These questions can easily be answered with the right instruction. If you want to go wider then the first number increases to for instance a 265. Now the height would also change because it is a ratio. The number would change to a 70. And now I would like to change my wheels also and get 20” tires. So you would obviously want to buy some pretty awesome new wheels so you can put some mud grip tires on your whip. Whether it be tires or tires you are after, knowledge is key.  There are enormous amounts of varieties you can have on your vehicle and I believe that tire professionals can assist you and all your needs in the right direction. You know, I believe trustworthiness in small businesses is great because you begin to understand that people are honest and can be relied on in many circumstances. A tire size chart is wonderful to have because it will lead you to understand what it really means to be a good driver on the road.

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