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I mean is it really worth going for the subject? You know what; many cities of the United States of America do not consider the vehicle state inspection as the crucial part. But in Texas, the annual inspection is still required.

A proper check of automobiles matters a lot. This also will save cash and effort later, and you won’t get to think about being charged or any potential penalties for not using it, and not completing your inspection test. A set of measures are followed by inspectors to find out whether the car is safe enough to be classified for motorway driving.

Even so, highways lead to faster speed, and when something happens to the car or other vehicle, any possible issues could cause major problems at higher speeds. And if you lose the test, you can still get another test done. Only rest assured to obey the directions that relate to where you reside.

vehicle state inspection

Safety values:

Cambridge Systematic inc. presented a report in 2009 in which it is written that “The results of the research clearly demonstrate that the Vehicle Safety Inspection program in Pennsylvania is effective and saves lives”

Moreover, the other verifications suggest that the vehicle state inspection increases the rate of accidents. The false sense of security might confuse the driver that results in a mishap.

vehicle state inspection

Used-Car consumer:

In those areas where the car inspection is complimentary, the sticker offers the second-hand car buyer quite a relief irrespective of the depth and quality. Moreover, the process does not include the interior of the car or body damage.

Pre- Vehicle State Inspection

Although your inclination towards the mechanics tends to zero but there are some tactics that you need to know before handing over your car for state inspection.

vehicle state inspection

Installed Lights Check

Do check all the lights installed in your car working properly. The dim and bright throw of headlights, brakes, and indicators. If something shut, replace it and do examine the lights of the rear license plate.

Inspection of Light Lenses

A very important part that should not be overlooked for the state inspection of your vehicle is the cracking, missing chips, and cloudiness in the lens. The fogginess in the lenses of light increases the rate of accidents due to which your car may fail for the state inspection.

The stores near you like Mikestiretx.com sell the cleaning and polishing kit for the lens. The menu car entails the easy step by step guide. Moreover, YouTube is the beast giving you the best recipe to carry out your work. Still, you are not interested to do it then Mikestiretx.com is always by your side. Feel free to hire us and let us take care of it.

If the lens is cracked then it is a better idea to replace it. You can simply order it online or from the best vehicle storage near you. Plus, the used ones can be purchased for a relatively less amount.

One another point that may cause your vehicle to fail state inspection is the poor functioning of aim lights. You need to replace it to avoid accidents and for keeping you and your car safe.

Window’s Glass

Thoroughly check if there is any fault in the window’s glass attached to your vehicle. Do check large chips if any. It is quite important for the front view so that one could not get into an accident. If the size of a chip is less than a quarter, don’t need to bother about it unless and until the harm is totally inclined towards the windshield.

Chips windshield is relatively economic in this case because it can spread and can be replaced easily. The larger chips give you no choice other than replacement. All that matters is the front view (a line of sight for the driver) and if it is clear without any chip broken then it might be possible that your car passes the vehicle state inspection.

For broken windshield, we recommend taking your car to a garage and asking the owner if it meets the requirement to pass the inspection or should you need to change it as a whole. On the other hand for electric windows, their functioning is necessary to pass


Analyze the mirrors for your front and posterior vision. Test if you really can fix them when they have been free. If some are blurry or deformed, it is possible that they’ll need to be repaired. Furthermore, exterior mirrors should be safe from scratches and cracks. Fix or substitute, as needed.

Blades of Wiper

Analyze the blades for your front and rear wiper. Check out signs of flaking, rust, or slotting. Change them as needed. Remove them if they are in great nick, but leaving lines in wet conditions. Replacing them regularly is a reasonable general rule.


Regularly check the tires for sufficient inflation and uneven or poor tread wear. There is more than enough info on the internet that can help you decide if the wear you see is natural or an indication of greater issues. Overlooking this part can make you in trouble in passing the vehicle state inspection.

vehicle state inspection

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